Jess Hart Has A Thing For Me.

Jessica and Me.


In a recent look in to the Australian born LUMA  beauty founder, style icon and model, Coveteur took us on a captivating and multifaceted fashion journey through Jessica’s life, home and of course her style.
One cannot simply define it, it morphs and pushes the limits with flavours of masculinity and then boom, throw in a pair of bedazzled platforms with an oversized bomber jacket and a Queen is born.

Jessica has always innately managed to make any genre/style of fashion work. Throwing pieces together in an effortless manner that paves the way, and that right there is a person who truly owns it. Mixing the feminine with the masculine whist still carrying herself as a woman.

Jessica explains, “You used to leave shows and not care so much about what you wearing, but now you have photographers waiting outside. It’s almost become just as important as the show itself. It’s fun though, and I think it’s great that you can show off your own personal style [as a model].”
If she only has five minutes to get dressed in the morning: “I wear Nikes, track pants, and a cropped tee.”


Top: Me Full Stop Countach Crop in red // Pants: Me Full Stop Daytona Track Pants // Shoes: Nike.

On her favourite designers: 
“Edie Parker, Vetements, Proenza Schouler, Palace Skateboards, Me Full Stop. Caroline, HVN, Equipment, Hardware London.”

For the full decadent, colourful and insightful feature on Jessica Hart head to Coveteur 

Head to Me Full Stop for the full unisex range.  

*All imagery was sourced from Coveture.
With many thanks to Coveteur and Jessica (oh and of course little Floyd).


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